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Greetings from the dungeon... Empty Greetings from the dungeon...

Post  Rodriguez Frankenstein on Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:41 am

Aloha everyone, Frankenstein here...everybody seems to be introducing themselves, so I figured I should too!!! Thank the heavens I found this site, great music you got up, not to mention the girlie pics!!! I already own like 10 MINT copies of the Pastel Six's "Bandido" 45rpm, I fell in love with this instro as soon as I heard it here!!! I'm now trying to track down some of the others, especially the "Chicken Grabber" by the Nite-Hawks, (((which I first heard in John Water's "Pink Flamingos"!!! If you haven't seen this film, it's filled with great music, so is his other movie titled "Female Trouble", especially in the go-go girl scene!!!))) & the Untouchables "Crawlin' (The Crawl) on Rello!!! If anyone has either of these two titles in MINT/MINT-, NM, VG+++, or even UNPLAYED condition, let me know!!! I really need to give thanks to The Cramps, though!!! Without them, I never would have discovered this great music, or your site!!! My beautiful hero, Lux Interior should be smiling his gold-capped front teeth at us all for diggin' & blastin' these sounds!!! Thanks again for puttin' this together, I gotta save up some $$$, I already seen some titles I want from the sale & swap lists!!! Well, what else can I say but, "Shake 'em, but don't break 'em!!!"
Rodriguez Frankenstein
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