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Post  the icky poo on Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:09 pm

a big list for you to plow through!
martin lawrie martin@soulgeneration.co.uk

Larry “Elephant Walk” Like EX £40
Very obscure , killer rnb, cool funky sound.

Pat Patterson “Rat-a-ma-cue” Warwick EX £40
Rare, killer, jungle themed. Enough said.

Mac Rebbenack “One Note Flat” / “The Point” AFO M- £50
Two sides of tittyshaker / mod groove heaven

Dave Bartholomew “Shrimp And Gumbo” Imperial VG++ £50
Think Pass The Hatchet mixed with a crazed RnB freakout and you are close, very tough one.

Eddie Bo “Our Love Will Never Falter” Blue Jay M- £100
No description needed. Pure class!

Little Bo “So Glad” / “Baby” Ace VG £100
Ultra rare – so few people own this – and on a 45! No copies are in great shape so if you want it, you have to want it hiss and all. Bo’s first record on Black Label Ace. 2 Sides of pure heaven.

Eddie Bo “Tee Na Na Na Na Nay” At Last EX £75
This never turns up – one of bo’s rarest rnb 45’s killer dancefloor sound.

Danny Kirkland And His Band “They Were Rockin’” J-V-B VG £offers
Ultra, ultra rare, only a small known quantity exist, killer Detroit rnb from 1952 (without checking), listed in places as the rarest record in the world – notsure about that but it is a super rarity. Hear it on fools paradise.

Doctor Ross “Industrial Boogie” DIR VG+ £150
Very rare, pressed by the dr himself and sold at gigs. Killer blues. Think keb played it on jazzman radio

Floyd Dixon “Hey Bartender” Cat VG £40
Classic, tough to turn up, plays nice

Count Yates “Chimpanzee” Regis EX £30
Spun on mod scene I think, cool monkey stuff

Chris Kenner “Stretch My Hand To You” Instant EX £50
Super tough one, Eddie Bo rarity – killer sound, the rhythm was stolen by Huey Smith for The Hueys 45’s at the same time as Huey and Little Buck ‘borrowed’ lover and a friend

Charles Sheffield “Shoo Shoo Chicken” Rocko EX £50

Eunice Davis "Get Your Enjoys" De Luxe VG £50
obscure rnb, really tough despite the label. Can be heard on fools paradise archives. Plays nicely - never turns up

BA BA Thomas “Miss Shake It” King EX £40
Killer RnB screamer from ’64 – seen this sell repeatedly for over £100

The Phinxs “Street Jam” Scram VG+ £60
No credit to Eddie Bo but it’s his work so I’m told. Great modish RnB – twin spin.

Drits & Dravy “Talk That Talk” Another Record EX £60
Super tough, killer dance floor hear it at tittyshakers.com

Little Frankie Edwards “Sally Lou” Warwick VG+ £60
Killer rarity, this never turns up – hear it at the hounds archives

Claude & The Hightones “Monkey Stuff” Pam Mar VG £40
Killer twin spin, plays loud and strong, super rare, is it claude baby huey – someone told me it was a really rare early outing.

Inell Young “What Do You See In Her” Libra M- £200
No description required, desperate measure call for this to go

Walter Washington "Mickey Mouse Boarding House" Vic-Des VG++ £400 ono
Ultra rare new orleans holy grail, unknown if there is a Bo connection - sounds like there is. Written by the legendary Dorothy Labastry - 4 known copies.

Jackie Wilson “Shake A Leg” Brunswick EX £30
Killer deepfunk, not what you’d expect from this artist

Eddie Bo And Inez Cheatham “Lover And A Friend” Seven B M- £90

The Hueys “Feelin’ Kinda Coo-Coo Too” Instant EX £50
Super rare one – response record to their first one Coo Coo Over You, this features a killer sister funk vocal The rhythm is stolen from a rare Eddie Bo track.

Eddie Bo “Getting To The Middle” Bo Sound M- £150
Killer, bo rarity – two sides of deepfunk heaven

Doug Anderson “Hey Mama, Here Come The Preacher” Janus EX £40
Great funk 45 from Shelley Pope (insane radio personality) and Eddie Bo, comped on Chains and Black Exhaust

Gentleman June Gardner “It’s Gonna Rain” Emarcy M- £50?
No idea of value as I bought it years ago and forget the price, never seen it since and it’s a killer, send offers if I am off the mark.

Pete Rodriguez “I Like It Like That” Alegre VG++ £40
Killer boogaloo – as good as bad breath or use it before you lose it in my opinion. Big floor filler

Frank William’s Rockateers “You Got To Be A Man” Phil La Soul VG+ £50
Killer florida funk, grittier than the female version.

Bobby Williams Group “Boogaloo Mardi Gras” Seven B EX £60
Killer twin spin – primal funk n booglaoo madness – drums!

Brigitte Bardot “Contact” / “Harley Davidson” Disc AZ EX £30
Two class sides, great pic sleeve – harley one side contact video shoot the other

Eddie Bo “The Rubber Band” Knight M- £90
Very rare deepfunk, sounds closest to hook and sling, this never shows up. Don’t mistake this for ‘shelley’s rubber band’ – different song.

Traci Borges “Steppin Out” Knight EX £50
Killer deepfunk sound, Eddie Bo connection – sounds like his band playing

Joyce Harris “Baby Baby Baby” Fun M- £200
Killer new Orleans gritty soul on the rarest of Eddie Bo’s labels

Inell Young “I’ve Never Considered” Busy – B VG++ £40
Gorgeous cross over sound, very tough to locate these days.

Dorothy Williams “The Wells Gone Dry” / “Country Style” Goldwax VG+ £75
Sells for £200 on the northern scene – two killer sides.

The Groupies “Primitive” / “Hog” Atco M- £175
Which side is best!! Two unbelievable killers

The Squires “Going All The Way” Atco M- £150
Killer all the way – no holds barred raw garage punk

The Emperor’s “I Want My Woman” Sabra M- £100
Snarling garage classic, killer sound

The Sparkles “No Friend Of Mine” Hickory M- £125

The Poor Boys “Still Love You” Sutter Records M- £150
KILLER GARAGE Unknown up until a year ago – still not comped – 3 known copies, all the big collectors - Mark Taylor etc didn’t know it!

The Tracers “She Said Yeah” Solly EX £80
Rare and in-demand garage

The Haunted “I Can Only Give You Everything” Quality EX £80
Classic garage punk.

Love “7 And & Is” Elektra M- £25

Nobody’s Children “Good Times” GPC M- £50
Classic snarling garage punk, Best of Pebbles

The Children Of Darkness “She’s Mine” Royce M- £50
Killer, rare one that sounds akin to You’re Gonna Miss Me by the Elevators.

The Spit Ends “Rich With Nothin’” CFP M- £100
Killer garage punk

Love “My Little Red Book” Elektra M £30
No hole punch, very tough to find in this condition – or so I’m told!

Ronnie & The Delinquents "Bad Neighborhood" / "Keeps Dragging Me On" JC RECORDS (ACE Subsidiary) M- £30
Super rare Mac Rebbenack (dr John) double sider

The Creation “Tom Tom” / “Nightmares” Hit ton EX £30
Sleeve VG++

The Creation “Painter Man” / “Biff Bang Pow” Hit ton EX £40
Sleeve VG++

Bill James & The Hex O Tones Voo-Doo Queen & The Medicine Man” EX £75
Very tough, killer jungle swampy voodoo sounds

George Young And The Youngsters “Mechanic From Hamtramck” EX £50
Very obscure, very rare, finewine listed it his tittyshaker charts. Killer mod organ/

Big Bo Thomas “How About IT” Gay Shel M- £70
Killer tittyshaker, comped by Bones from Big Daddy. Very tough. Used to sell for £100

Baron Daemon “The Transylvanian Twist” WYNS-TV EX £50
Very rare, big demand, chance to pick it up here.

Lee Ross “The Mummy’s Bracelet” Ray EX £45
Killer oddball, very rare and big demand.

The Brassettes “Brassette Rock” Ebb VG+ £30
Tough soulie / funky tittyshaker instrumental – two wild party sides.

The Earthworms “Mo Taters” Bobbin VG++ £30
Killer tittyshaker sound from Oliver Sain hear it at tittyshakers.com

Sonny Flaherty “Coconut Stomp” PAQ M- £25
In-demand sleaze, Rite pressing. hear it at tittyshakers.com

Drits & Dravy “Talk That Talk” Another Record EX £60
Super tough, killer dance floor hear it at tittyshakers.com

Pat Patterson “Rat-a-ma-cue” Warwick EX £40
Rare, killer, jungle themed. Enough said.

Candy Johnson Show “The Hook” Canjo M- £15
Killer tittyshaker sleazer, very tough to find nowadays.

Mac Rebbeback “Sahara” Ace EX £50
Perfect copy in the matching blue sleeve – sublime funky shaker

Claude & The Hightones “Monkey Stuff” Pam Mar VG £40
Killer twin spin, plays loud and strong, super rare, is it claude baby huey – someone told me it was a really rare early outing

Ska /JA Sound

Laurel Aitken And Hyacinth Baron Twist And His Knights “You Got Me Rockin’” Dice EX!!!! £100
This never turns up clean – this never turns up full stop! Very obscure, known only by those in the know, very cool side!!!

Prince Buster “I Wont Let You Cry” Blank VG+ £30
Killer soulful vocal from buster – big funky rhythm – plays nicely next to Girl Answer Your Name

Prince Buster “Blue Beat Spirit” Blue Beat VG £20
Never turns up any more, in demand wild ska

The Skatalites “Black Sunday” RND EX £75
Killer ska – a must have 45 – dancefloor filler

Lee Perry "Rape Bait" / Gaylads "Sly Mongoose" Wirl Blank VG+ £90
Super tough double sider, massive demand for this a few years ago, still is?

Prince Buster "Ling Ting Tang" Blue Beat VG+£70
Good price for this killer ska dancer, very tough to find

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